Zenut Rednidniblleps



Red’zen, as he became know by his friends lived his early years working for a circus, where he made himself useful as a jack of all trades, training on the different aspects of the trade, often used in magic shows as a victim to harrowing escapes from dangerous and impossible situations. Some thought him as some strange halfbred, for his unique and disturbing contortionist ability.

As his fame grew, so did his desire to achieve more than mere adhulation as a freak show, many of the women he desired, did not take him seriously, and while enjoying being an entretainer, he realized he needed to become something bigger, something better if he were to wish to be with more than tavern wenches, farm girls or sell swords.

He wanted to get the serious attention of more educated and sophisticated women, so he started studing more of the magic aspect of the trade, rather than rely simply of his phisical nimbleness.

It was in one of the villages he performed in, that he finally found someone who saw the magical talent withing him, that was willing to train him to be more than a ¨a little peepsquick¨. Shasta had been an adventurer and had retired to the village after loosing her left arm during some adventure gone wrong in the deep mountains. She had shared some of the stories after makin Zen promise not to share the info, she would say, “you know, one day, when you are learned maybe you can go back for my arm, it would be nice to have it again, since I still miss it”. Zen found that learning spells and casting with one arm worked very well in his trade, he started enjoying how much easier some tricks were getting with real transutation taking place. He had come to love Shasta and her resourcefullness.

But the last time he had gone to see her, her placed had been deserted as if someone had left in a real hurry … and Zen decided it was time … to leave the circus, time to find her, time to grow and become someone who could really do something aabuot what went amiss … for if he was going to help her, he finally needed first to help himself … the only couple of clues was a a mark found on a stump nearby … a red hand … she had and arcane mark on the stump … he knew it was a message for him, but why did she not leave anything else … maybe she did not have time … maybe she did not want to make it easy for someone else to find …

Zenut Rednidniblleps

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