The village of Relford and the mysteries of Dagger rock

There goes the neighborhood.

As the party was quitely sleeping in the wagon of Koch, Boomer was on watch only to see Gaddin Vass running through the corn fields in his direction! He appeared scared and warned Boomer to leave him alone as he fled west through the stalks. Like a dog seeing the back of an adversary Boomer shot off after him. It didn’t take long before the bloody and bruised Wizard succumbed to the blunt trauma delivered by Boomers club. Dying on the ground Gaddin scrawled something into the dirt but it was rubbed away just as quickly by the superstitious barbarian.
A quick search revealed that Gaddin was after the much sought after adamantine and mithral arms for his Iron league masters.
As the last member of the party on watch Azeryth heard mysterious noises coming from some distance behind the wagon. As he peered around the side of the transport he saw the Kelnor casting a spell that revived some of the dead in a hole! He was openly upset that he was interupted as the party emerged from the wagon wondering how Kelnor rose from the dead!
Kelnor set the undead after the party as he made a quick escape into town. It was not long before the party laid low the last of the undead enemy.
Early morning and the party was keen on finding the secret Dwarven forge in the hills. As they made their was south out of the fields that crossed the road to discover a gruesome sight. Two undead monsters similiar to ghoul like undead encountered earlier were devouring a man in the middle of the road! Paying little attention to the party they proceeded in their feast. The party would have none of this and charged down the road to dispatch the horrors.
As the PC’s found a small path leading up to the hills they discoverd the entrance to the forge as illustrated on the crude map found in the Lugas smithy. The party heard the sorrowful cries of a child deep in the tunnel leading in. Investigating they found a room with a young boy strapped to a stone slab. Closer inspection showed that the boys head had long batlike ears, pointed fanged teeth, an unearthly demonic visage. Attempts to communicate with the boy only produced even more greater sobs and cries of sorrow. Ever diligent the party noticed flying up in the ceiling what can be best decribed as a batwinged demon head! As it let out a chilling scream the boy screamed as well as his head broke off from the body ready to attack the PC’s! Resisting the paralyzing effects the PC’s put an end to this horror. Leaving many questions unanswered the party moved on to find the forge and the arms.
Discovering the forge and a secret door leading into another room the parties only resistance was a mechanical axe trap that could easily be bypassed by using a mage hand.
Once inside the PC’s discovered a cache of weapons and armor. Some mundane but others made from mithral and adamantine!
As the party exited the forge they saw a horrific sight in the village below. Groups of Dagonspawn undead zombies ran through the village in a feeding frenzy, killing a devouring any in their way! Robed cultists leading prisoners away in chains! It seemed hopeless for any to escape death or capture.
Making their way down the slop of the hill into a well concealed location some 300 ft from the village. The PC’s ducked behind some boulders before they could be spotted by a procession of 10 cultist & Kelnor exiting the entrance of the abandoned mine heading towards the village!
They were dragging a large statue on a wheeled wagon that can only be described as a
figure representing a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind. It was alien and unearthly….the stuff of nightmare.
The party carefully tracked the procession undetected to the main Church. Lying in wait behind a group of trees and brush some party members wanted to see what the Mayor new about all this. As they approached the mayors home they unlocked the back door only to witness a home that had the stench of death permeating from every floor board. Dried blood and gore were everywhere they looked. Investigating further the PC’s encounted a home that looked ransacked with the mayor or his family nowhere to be found. With the scent of the living in the air ghasts and ghouls emerged to attack the party! Defeating them and avoiding their paralyzing attacks and diseased bites the PC’s investigated upstairs.
Discovering a locked room and sobs from a crying woman inside the party broke in to discover an elderly woman in shock under covers and blankets. Saying she was kidnapped by cultist and put in the house as food. She escaped the undead pursuers and locked herself in the room. Investigating another room the PC’s found a small office with paper thrown about, a desk overturned, cabinets opened and their contents thrown to the ground. There was a note found addressed to an Edwin, it said “We are damned, we released the evil from within the
earth. Do not come: We are all damned.”
Even stranger and more cryptic was what the heros discoverd in the attic among the momentos and keepsakes of what once was a happy family. Scrawled on the walls in blood are these words……
“Slithering tentacles have crawled from the earth and have wormed their way
into the heart of Relford.”
“The worms in the dark, they grow from the queen that dreams demons.
“She is so beautiful”

Half-Orcs, Beardless Dwarves, Evil Clerics oh my.

Learning that Marco would meet a mysterious man named Ngoa suspected of being an spell slinger of sorts the party followed only to see a mob forming around Ngoa’s home. They were out for blood, justice and maybe a scapegoat for all the tragic evil things that have been occuring lately. If not for the charisma and diplomacy of the PC’s Ngoa would have surely been lynched and hung or worse.
As thanks for defending him he revealed that Lugas the smithy used an old drawven forge hidden deep in the hills. There he used mithral and adamantine to forge all kinds of arms for members of the Iron league, an association that promoted human supremacy. Ngoa mentioned that somewhere in the burned out shell of the Lugas smithy are clues to the location of the hidden forge. He dares not venture into the Lugas smithy because he senses an evil emanating from the charred remnants of his deceased friends home.
Ngoa also reveals that he has strong suspicion that Bared Wolfram is responsible for torching Lugas’s home. Mainly because he too wanted his weapons.
So the PC’s ventured into the remains of the Lugas smithy. They began to smell charred flesh and burnt hair then suddenly they were attacked by a pair of wraith like creatures! After a small skirmish and minor smoke inhalation the party found a strong box containing a crude map to the hidden forge in the hills.
Before heading into the hills the PC’s wanted to investigate some wagon tracks leading into the cornfields of the now deceased Farrow family farm. One party member almost fell victim to a pit trap that contained a decomposing female body. As they approached a clearing in the field they saw the wagons of the merchant they came with and the circus wagons of Koch Koblin!
As they approached the wagons of Koch they noticed dried blood sprayed on the wagons. Slash and chop marks on the wagon also gave hints to missed axe or sword swings. They doors of the wagons were boarded up and Boomer was interested to see what “Carnis” have in their wagons. As he sundered through the front door of one of the wagons he was met his a sudden readied attack by a beardless dwarf who quickly moved out of sight! Smarting from his wound Boomer wanted to return the favor but was convinced by the party that this must be the Koch who witnessed his entire troupe killed or carried off into the hills by cultists! Emaciated and starving the PC’s offered food and water along with promises that they would not harm him and they came to help. Fearful he accepted the parties gestures of goodwill and told them how he witnessed his friends murder and how he skulked around for rats in fear of being discovered by the cult.
SUDDENLY!!! THE PARTY WAS SURROUNDED by the cult in dark robes and cloaks.
Kelnor the Priest of Pelor appeared in the group and petitioned the party to willingly join the “Mother of the deep” as a way to repent for sins known and unknown against the cult. He…the voice would make sure their deaths were quick and reanimation even quicker! MELEE BEGAN
The fight went back and forth and while the party suffered terribly, especially Kahlinn they were victorious against the cult warriors, adepts and the hideous undead ghoul like creatures. With Kelnor dead does this mean that the cult has been decisively defeated? Or is this just the beginning of the horrors the party will encounter as they venture further into dagger rock! MWAHAHAHA

People are strange when your a stranger!

The wagons were in good hands with the Wainright Zach Finn. So the party needed a little drink and supper so the Blackskull inn was just the spot. Katriya the comely human waitress took order while Cruaver a Human male tended the bar. The food was great and the drink cold and refreshing. Then Calin and Boomer passed out! Katriya came in a rush to see what happened. It was clear to some party members that they were poisoned! Daven Seward tried to convince them that it was bad food or drink and berated the Bartendar/Cook Cruaver. Next thing you know 3 of the town guard came to see what all the ruckess was all about. It appeared that they were in on something nefarious and wanted to subdue the party.
From out of a side door to the kitchen a abomination of snake and man can after the party with dagger in hand. The guard also moved in on the party. Daven Seward also attacked and after some blood being spilled the party was victorious. From feeling at home to being almost killed on the flip of a gold coin the party felt a bit paranoid.
Investigating the inn and locking the front door the party discovered a strong box in the cellars with a lot of gold and many black robes with hoods. On the second floor they heard a snoring man in one of the master bedrooms.
As the party insisted on meeting the snoring man they knocked on his door without pause. A man emerged from his room and introduced himself as Gaddin. He was in town to pick up a number of weapons and items made of mithral and adamantine from Lugas the smithy. Its known that the Lugas smithy burned down so he was looking to find who might have a good lead on where the weapons would be.
After much rancor the party decided to head back to Zach Finn and see if he could provide them with a warm bed. At this point the party felt a little nervous as they do not know what was going on in this town and who they can trust.
As they approached the Finns they saw Craddoc Farrow a farmer in a heated argument with Zach. The party heard Craddoc Farrow threatening Zach with death if he saw even one Ox on his property. The Farrows two sons were spoiling for a fight but backed off as soon as the party approached. The site of Mrs. Farrow on a second floor window looking down was extremely erie. She just stood infront of a dirty, smudged window motionless. Even when the boys went back in the house she was still staring into the courtyard toward the Finn’s property.
As the party was sleeping Boomer heard a rapping at the front door. He knew the Finn’s were in a couch house and sleeping. What came through the front door was something strange indeed. It was Mrs. Farrow in a dirty nightgown with white pupiless eyes, and inky black sludge dripping over her lips. Looking closer Boomer saw a long tongue that protruded from her mouth! To his continued horror he saw it was snapping the air with a small fanged mouth! At this time the Finns were being attacked by the Farrows! Melee began and the party fought well! They won the night and saved the Finn’s again from murder at the hands of lunatics! What did Mrs. Farrow become? How did the family accept her state? The only clue was a strange pendant around Craddoc’s neck. It was a symbol of sorts on a silver coin. It looked like a mass of tentacles stretching over the surface of an endless body of water.


This was our first adventure and most of the PC’s met for the first time. Some heading south for an archaelogical dig near Relford while others following a merchant caravan making a stop in Relford. The group became quick friends along the way sharing beer and ale at stops along the southern road toward the town of Rel-Drax.
Their first challenge was to survive an attack by Ankhegs after a minor tremor loosened the earth beneath their feet exposing these hungry critters.
In the earth the party found the remains of a human body with miners gear and a thick journal/diary. The journal described experiences that came from nightmare or a drug induced hallucination.
A New Page
Also very odd was the appearance of stone monuments along the way half buried in the earth. The topsoil distured one monolith near the Ankheg attack and it became clear that the stone was in the form of a woman. It was ancient and mysterious. It had to do with something about fertility…something matriarchal…truelly unknown to our adventurers. But their curiosity was not without reward. In a secret crusted over latch in the statue they found mysterious necklaces that would prove as a blessing to those who wore them.
As the merchant wagons headed towards Redford a wagon wheel broke off. As fate would have it the party noticed a Wainright on the way into town.
As they approached the cry of a woman filled the air and the party say a feral winged woman flying away from them towards Dagger rock with a little girl in her clutches! Zach the little girls father and wainright pleaded with the party to help him rescue her. The heros agreed to scale the mountain and find the Harpy nest.
After much sweat and determination the party encountered the two Harpys and destroyed them. Neither their song nor their sharp talons could take down our adventurers.
Needing a little R.R. the party headed to the Blackskull in and met Daven Seward the owner and operator.


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