Kahlinn (Kah0lynn)

A minor wizard.


Level 4

  • Str 14
  • Dex 14
  • Int 20
  • Con 15
  • Wis 14
  • Cha 12

AC 19 (with Mage Armor active)
AC 15 (while wearing leather)
AC 12 (with just Dex)

HP 30

Evocation is the specialization. Purge the infidels in the holy flames!


Kahlinn is a studious bookworm, with a need to seek higher knowledge in all forms. He despises dirt, grime, undead goo, ankheg spittle, blood, and all other forms of filth, in general. Having been drug to some backwater town on the edge of the uncivilized abyss for some purported forgotten lore is the only reason he ventured out of his immaculate abode. In fact, after having faced certain death at unclean hands on three occasions in as many days, he’s seriously re-considering the need to be an adventurer. (Books are so much less dangerous.)

If only he didn’t have such a strong need to learn more about finding creative ways to purge the unclean through magic…

And now, having witnessed a zombie massacre of the cursed backwater town he was a brief denizen of, he is convinced that such things must be purged – with fire.

Also, after having witnessed so much death, and undeath, Kahlinn received a vision. This vision was that of a Beautiful Goddess, who passed a small amount of un-life unto him. When he awoke from said vision – Kahlinn found an amulet in his hand – one of a Skull, surrounded by flame…

Flame skull

Kahlinn (Kah0lynn)

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