Curu Finn

Human Cleric of Gorum


Human – Chaotic Neutral – Cleric of Gorum


Currently a Hero of Westcrown, Curu Finn has fought Demons, Devils, Vampires, Tieflings, Shadows, the Guild of Thieves, the Hell Knights, and many others – to prevail in uniting the two piece of the Toltemrix back together so that the shadow beasts and their kin no longer hold sway upon the City.

He has a Greatsword, but never uses it – for Gorum is a fickle God, and Curu Finn rarely rolls over a 10 any time he rolls a D20! Therefore – he has learned to play Pathfinder without almost ever rolling a dice… doing so has led him to live to level 10 as yet!

Curu Finn

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