The village of Relford and the mysteries of Dagger rock

There goes the neighborhood.

As the party was quitely sleeping in the wagon of Koch, Boomer was on watch only to see Gaddin Vass running through the corn fields in his direction! He appeared scared and warned Boomer to leave him alone as he fled west through the stalks. Like a dog seeing the back of an adversary Boomer shot off after him. It didn’t take long before the bloody and bruised Wizard succumbed to the blunt trauma delivered by Boomers club. Dying on the ground Gaddin scrawled something into the dirt but it was rubbed away just as quickly by the superstitious barbarian.
A quick search revealed that Gaddin was after the much sought after adamantine and mithral arms for his Iron league masters.
As the last member of the party on watch Azeryth heard mysterious noises coming from some distance behind the wagon. As he peered around the side of the transport he saw the Kelnor casting a spell that revived some of the dead in a hole! He was openly upset that he was interupted as the party emerged from the wagon wondering how Kelnor rose from the dead!
Kelnor set the undead after the party as he made a quick escape into town. It was not long before the party laid low the last of the undead enemy.
Early morning and the party was keen on finding the secret Dwarven forge in the hills. As they made their was south out of the fields that crossed the road to discover a gruesome sight. Two undead monsters similiar to ghoul like undead encountered earlier were devouring a man in the middle of the road! Paying little attention to the party they proceeded in their feast. The party would have none of this and charged down the road to dispatch the horrors.
As the PC’s found a small path leading up to the hills they discoverd the entrance to the forge as illustrated on the crude map found in the Lugas smithy. The party heard the sorrowful cries of a child deep in the tunnel leading in. Investigating they found a room with a young boy strapped to a stone slab. Closer inspection showed that the boys head had long batlike ears, pointed fanged teeth, an unearthly demonic visage. Attempts to communicate with the boy only produced even more greater sobs and cries of sorrow. Ever diligent the party noticed flying up in the ceiling what can be best decribed as a batwinged demon head! As it let out a chilling scream the boy screamed as well as his head broke off from the body ready to attack the PC’s! Resisting the paralyzing effects the PC’s put an end to this horror. Leaving many questions unanswered the party moved on to find the forge and the arms.
Discovering the forge and a secret door leading into another room the parties only resistance was a mechanical axe trap that could easily be bypassed by using a mage hand.
Once inside the PC’s discovered a cache of weapons and armor. Some mundane but others made from mithral and adamantine!
As the party exited the forge they saw a horrific sight in the village below. Groups of Dagonspawn undead zombies ran through the village in a feeding frenzy, killing a devouring any in their way! Robed cultists leading prisoners away in chains! It seemed hopeless for any to escape death or capture.
Making their way down the slop of the hill into a well concealed location some 300 ft from the village. The PC’s ducked behind some boulders before they could be spotted by a procession of 10 cultist & Kelnor exiting the entrance of the abandoned mine heading towards the village!
They were dragging a large statue on a wheeled wagon that can only be described as a
figure representing a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind. It was alien and unearthly….the stuff of nightmare.
The party carefully tracked the procession undetected to the main Church. Lying in wait behind a group of trees and brush some party members wanted to see what the Mayor new about all this. As they approached the mayors home they unlocked the back door only to witness a home that had the stench of death permeating from every floor board. Dried blood and gore were everywhere they looked. Investigating further the PC’s encounted a home that looked ransacked with the mayor or his family nowhere to be found. With the scent of the living in the air ghasts and ghouls emerged to attack the party! Defeating them and avoiding their paralyzing attacks and diseased bites the PC’s investigated upstairs.
Discovering a locked room and sobs from a crying woman inside the party broke in to discover an elderly woman in shock under covers and blankets. Saying she was kidnapped by cultist and put in the house as food. She escaped the undead pursuers and locked herself in the room. Investigating another room the PC’s found a small office with paper thrown about, a desk overturned, cabinets opened and their contents thrown to the ground. There was a note found addressed to an Edwin, it said “We are damned, we released the evil from within the
earth. Do not come: We are all damned.”
Even stranger and more cryptic was what the heros discoverd in the attic among the momentos and keepsakes of what once was a happy family. Scrawled on the walls in blood are these words……
“Slithering tentacles have crawled from the earth and have wormed their way
into the heart of Relford.”
“The worms in the dark, they grow from the queen that dreams demons.
“She is so beautiful”



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