The village of Relford and the mysteries of Dagger rock


This was our first adventure and most of the PC’s met for the first time. Some heading south for an archaelogical dig near Relford while others following a merchant caravan making a stop in Relford. The group became quick friends along the way sharing beer and ale at stops along the southern road toward the town of Rel-Drax.
Their first challenge was to survive an attack by Ankhegs after a minor tremor loosened the earth beneath their feet exposing these hungry critters.
In the earth the party found the remains of a human body with miners gear and a thick journal/diary. The journal described experiences that came from nightmare or a drug induced hallucination.
A New Page
Also very odd was the appearance of stone monuments along the way half buried in the earth. The topsoil distured one monolith near the Ankheg attack and it became clear that the stone was in the form of a woman. It was ancient and mysterious. It had to do with something about fertility…something matriarchal…truelly unknown to our adventurers. But their curiosity was not without reward. In a secret crusted over latch in the statue they found mysterious necklaces that would prove as a blessing to those who wore them.
As the merchant wagons headed towards Redford a wagon wheel broke off. As fate would have it the party noticed a Wainright on the way into town.
As they approached the cry of a woman filled the air and the party say a feral winged woman flying away from them towards Dagger rock with a little girl in her clutches! Zach the little girls father and wainright pleaded with the party to help him rescue her. The heros agreed to scale the mountain and find the Harpy nest.
After much sweat and determination the party encountered the two Harpys and destroyed them. Neither their song nor their sharp talons could take down our adventurers.
Needing a little R.R. the party headed to the Blackskull in and met Daven Seward the owner and operator.



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