The village of Relford and the mysteries of Dagger rock

Half-Orcs, Beardless Dwarves, Evil Clerics oh my.

Learning that Marco would meet a mysterious man named Ngoa suspected of being an spell slinger of sorts the party followed only to see a mob forming around Ngoa’s home. They were out for blood, justice and maybe a scapegoat for all the tragic evil things that have been occuring lately. If not for the charisma and diplomacy of the PC’s Ngoa would have surely been lynched and hung or worse.
As thanks for defending him he revealed that Lugas the smithy used an old drawven forge hidden deep in the hills. There he used mithral and adamantine to forge all kinds of arms for members of the Iron league, an association that promoted human supremacy. Ngoa mentioned that somewhere in the burned out shell of the Lugas smithy are clues to the location of the hidden forge. He dares not venture into the Lugas smithy because he senses an evil emanating from the charred remnants of his deceased friends home.
Ngoa also reveals that he has strong suspicion that Bared Wolfram is responsible for torching Lugas’s home. Mainly because he too wanted his weapons.
So the PC’s ventured into the remains of the Lugas smithy. They began to smell charred flesh and burnt hair then suddenly they were attacked by a pair of wraith like creatures! After a small skirmish and minor smoke inhalation the party found a strong box containing a crude map to the hidden forge in the hills.
Before heading into the hills the PC’s wanted to investigate some wagon tracks leading into the cornfields of the now deceased Farrow family farm. One party member almost fell victim to a pit trap that contained a decomposing female body. As they approached a clearing in the field they saw the wagons of the merchant they came with and the circus wagons of Koch Koblin!
As they approached the wagons of Koch they noticed dried blood sprayed on the wagons. Slash and chop marks on the wagon also gave hints to missed axe or sword swings. They doors of the wagons were boarded up and Boomer was interested to see what “Carnis” have in their wagons. As he sundered through the front door of one of the wagons he was met his a sudden readied attack by a beardless dwarf who quickly moved out of sight! Smarting from his wound Boomer wanted to return the favor but was convinced by the party that this must be the Koch who witnessed his entire troupe killed or carried off into the hills by cultists! Emaciated and starving the PC’s offered food and water along with promises that they would not harm him and they came to help. Fearful he accepted the parties gestures of goodwill and told them how he witnessed his friends murder and how he skulked around for rats in fear of being discovered by the cult.
SUDDENLY!!! THE PARTY WAS SURROUNDED by the cult in dark robes and cloaks.
Kelnor the Priest of Pelor appeared in the group and petitioned the party to willingly join the “Mother of the deep” as a way to repent for sins known and unknown against the cult. He…the voice would make sure their deaths were quick and reanimation even quicker! MELEE BEGAN
The fight went back and forth and while the party suffered terribly, especially Kahlinn they were victorious against the cult warriors, adepts and the hideous undead ghoul like creatures. With Kelnor dead does this mean that the cult has been decisively defeated? Or is this just the beginning of the horrors the party will encounter as they venture further into dagger rock! MWAHAHAHA



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