The village of Relford and the mysteries of Dagger rock

People are strange when your a stranger!

The wagons were in good hands with the Wainright Zach Finn. So the party needed a little drink and supper so the Blackskull inn was just the spot. Katriya the comely human waitress took order while Cruaver a Human male tended the bar. The food was great and the drink cold and refreshing. Then Calin and Boomer passed out! Katriya came in a rush to see what happened. It was clear to some party members that they were poisoned! Daven Seward tried to convince them that it was bad food or drink and berated the Bartendar/Cook Cruaver. Next thing you know 3 of the town guard came to see what all the ruckess was all about. It appeared that they were in on something nefarious and wanted to subdue the party.
From out of a side door to the kitchen a abomination of snake and man can after the party with dagger in hand. The guard also moved in on the party. Daven Seward also attacked and after some blood being spilled the party was victorious. From feeling at home to being almost killed on the flip of a gold coin the party felt a bit paranoid.
Investigating the inn and locking the front door the party discovered a strong box in the cellars with a lot of gold and many black robes with hoods. On the second floor they heard a snoring man in one of the master bedrooms.
As the party insisted on meeting the snoring man they knocked on his door without pause. A man emerged from his room and introduced himself as Gaddin. He was in town to pick up a number of weapons and items made of mithral and adamantine from Lugas the smithy. Its known that the Lugas smithy burned down so he was looking to find who might have a good lead on where the weapons would be.
After much rancor the party decided to head back to Zach Finn and see if he could provide them with a warm bed. At this point the party felt a little nervous as they do not know what was going on in this town and who they can trust.
As they approached the Finns they saw Craddoc Farrow a farmer in a heated argument with Zach. The party heard Craddoc Farrow threatening Zach with death if he saw even one Ox on his property. The Farrows two sons were spoiling for a fight but backed off as soon as the party approached. The site of Mrs. Farrow on a second floor window looking down was extremely erie. She just stood infront of a dirty, smudged window motionless. Even when the boys went back in the house she was still staring into the courtyard toward the Finn’s property.
As the party was sleeping Boomer heard a rapping at the front door. He knew the Finn’s were in a couch house and sleeping. What came through the front door was something strange indeed. It was Mrs. Farrow in a dirty nightgown with white pupiless eyes, and inky black sludge dripping over her lips. Looking closer Boomer saw a long tongue that protruded from her mouth! To his continued horror he saw it was snapping the air with a small fanged mouth! At this time the Finns were being attacked by the Farrows! Melee began and the party fought well! They won the night and saved the Finn’s again from murder at the hands of lunatics! What did Mrs. Farrow become? How did the family accept her state? The only clue was a strange pendant around Craddoc’s neck. It was a symbol of sorts on a silver coin. It looked like a mass of tentacles stretching over the surface of an endless body of water.



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